RRR Team

Eila Seppänen
tel. +358 40 502 2413

Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Science (KTUAS) is a public higher educational institute owned by the municipalities of Western Lapland. KTUAS is located in South-Western, Lapland, Finland, just across the Swedish border. KTUAS’s main activities are concerned with education, research and development, and regional development, of which it has been rewarded by the Ministry of Education. KTUAS is responsible for overall coordination of the RRR project.

Bifrost University, Icelandic Centre for Retail Studies
311 Borgarnes, Iceland
tel. +354 433 3000
fax +354 433 3001
Emil B. Karlsson
mob. +354 822 1203

The main activities of the Icelandic Centre for Retail Studies (ICRS) are research and services related to the retail sector in Iceland. This includes statistical collection, publication and education. ICRS was established 2004 by the initiative of private retail companies in Iceland together with the Ministry of Trade, Federation of Trade and Services and Bifrost University. The centre has its own independent board which secures that all the core activities relates to the need of the retail sector in Iceland. ICRS is responsible for the WP2, Creating the foundation for the Triple R Model.

Donegal County Council
Public Services Centre
Donegal Town Co. Donegal
Barney McLaughlin
tel. +353 749 724 429
mob. +353 879 054 925
fax +353 749 723 535

Donegal County Council is the statutory Local Government Authority for the County and is responsible for the economic development of the County, along with the provision of Roads, Housing, Water & Sewerage and Environmental Services, Community, Culture & Enterprise, Planning and Economic Development. Donegal County Council work with the other statutory agencies based in the County under the County Development Board and it is through this structure we work collectively to develop the County. Donegal County Council is responsible for the WP3, Building/ Creating the Triple R Model.

Granskingardepilin fyri Samsfelagsmenning
Research Center for Social Development

Vágsvegur 48
Postbox 18
FO-900 Vágur
Faroe Islands
Dennis Holm, Director
tel. + 298 60 40 73
fax +298 37 44 76

Contact person:
Olga Biskøpto
tel. +298 60 40 70

The Center for Local and Regional Development is a research center in the Faroe Islands, which main aim is research on local and regional development. The research is within the social sciences. The Center for Local and Regional Development is responsible for the WP4, Implemantation of the RRR Model and Supporting Multifunctional Store Establishment.

Community Retailing Network Limited
Robert Owen House
87 Bath Street
G2 2EE
Kirsty MacColl (CRN Co-ordinator)
tel. +44 845 217 8978

The Community Retailing Network aims to support and develop community owned retailing. They do this by supporting existing community owned shops, helping to set up new ones, sharing knowledge and good practice and promoting and representing the sector.

Ulster Business School
University of Ulster

Cromore Road
Coleraine BT52 1SA
Contact person:
Professor Barry Quinn,
Head of Department of Business,
Retail and Financial Services
tel. +44 (0) 287 032 4168

The main activities of the University of Ulster are teaching, research and knowledge transfer activities through regional engagement. The University of Ulster is based in Northern Ireland and is organised on four main campuses in Belfast, Jordanstown, Coleraine and Derry. Within the Department of Business, Retail and Financial Services at the University of Ulster's Coleraine campus there is a strong emphasis on teaching and researching issues pertinent to the retail sector and engaging in knowledge transfer activities with the retail sector.

Associated Partners
Landsbygdsservice, Sweden

Icelandic Regional Development Institute
The Institute monitors and researches regional development in Iceland. Its main function is to contribute to regional development through the implementation of government policy via the introduction of regional strategies. Its operations are aimed at strengthening settlements in rural areas through the support of viable, long-term projects with diverse economic bases.

PB200, N-6800 Førde, Norway
Secretary General:
Helge Schei
tel. +47 90 72 62 90

Norway has devised a programme aiming to support small rural grocery shops. This programme is called Merkur, financed by the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development receives 9 million NOK per year (2008). Its prime focus is retailers in areas with population decline and long distances to other retail opportunities. MERKUR-programmet is associated partner in the RRR project. Partners are benchmarking the organisation and learning best practises of rural retailing from MERKUR.

Ilisimatusarfik/University of Greenland
3900 Nuuk, Grønland/Greenland
Post Box 1061
Wolfgang Kahlig
tel. +299 362392
fax +299 362301

The University of Greenland (locally known as Ilisimatusarfik) is a university located in Nuuk, Greenland. The university has four departments: Department of Management and Economics, Department of Language, Literature and Media Studies, Department of Cultural and Social History and Department of Theology. The university awards Baccalaureate degrees in all departments and Master's Degrees in all areas except Theology. University of Greenland is associated partner in the RRR project. Their role is observing and learning from RRR project participants.